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MCIS Academy Training videos


  • Logging in to MCIS
    This tutorial explains the different types of MCIS accounts and shows how to log in to the system.
  • Creating Staff Accounts in MCIS
    A tutorial for MCIS Administrators on creating staff accounts.
  • Creating User Portfolios in MCIS
    This tutorial shows MCIS administrators and staff how to create user portfolios for students and clients.
  • Managing Staff Accounts in MCIS
    Learn to reset staff account passwords, recover usernames, and edit staff account info in MCIS.
  • Working with Groups in MCIS
    This tutorial shows MCIS admins and staff how to Create Groups in MCIS, and how to assign user portfolios to groups.
  • Transferring Portfolios in MCIS
    This tutorial shows admin and staff how to transfer user portfolios between sites.
  • Managing User Portfolios in MCIS
    A tutorial showing MCIS staff and admin how to manage user portfolios, including how to find portfolios, send messages to users, view a portfolio’s contents, and merge portfolios.
  • Finding Scholarships Using MCIS
    Find scholarships using the MCIS program.


MCIS Webinars



MCIS Recorded Webinars


Creating Customized Checklists for Distance Learning

Are you struggling with distance learning or just need some online resources? This session shows teachers and counselors how to create custom checklists in The Montana Career Information System (MCIS) to organize and implement their online career lesson plans. Rosalie Walsh, LCPC, NCC Adjunct Professor/Board Certified Counselor will be joining us to talk about how she has utilized the checklist at Carroll College.  Recorded October 2020


Harnessing the Power of MCIS Portfolios Zoom Recording

Portfolios are essential to accessing the full potential of The Montana Career Information System (MCIS).  This session shows teachers and counselors how to create and transfer student portfolios to make organizing and tracking students' progress simple. Recorded October 2020

Montana Worforce Needs Zoom Recording

Matching a student’s interests with the current needs of the job market helps set up students for successful careers after graduation. This presentation will cover a brief description of the current economic landscape in Montana, and highlight high-wage jobs that are projected be the most in-demand in the state. We will also take a look at the workforce outcomes of college graduates from various fields of study in Montana, to better understand how different degrees have faired in the labor market.  Recorded October 29th 2020
Presentation PowerPoint

By Amy Watson
Senior Economist

Transferring Portfolios Recorded Webinar

MCIS portfolios are meant to follow students between schools and into their future careers. This webinar shows school administrators and staff how to transfer student portfolios to a new school or to the adult MCIS site so that students retain access to their career research and resume information.  Recorded May 13, 2020.

Using Checklist to Follow your Career Plan

MCIS lets you create personalized checklists to keep your career plan on track. This session shows users how to use checklists, and demonstrates how staff can track students’ progress through the checklists.
Recorded May 14, 2020

Planning for Life After High School MCIS Recorded Webinar

Learn how to use MCIS to research education options for after high school. This session covers how to find post-secondary training, comparing colleges in MCIS, searching for financial aid, and using the application tracker tool to organize your school and financial aid applications.  Recorded May 12th 2020

MCIS Junior Recorded Webinar

Learn to navigate MCIS Junior, a fun and educational career exploration tool designed for 5th-8th graders. MCIS Junior activities help students explore and define their interests, preferences, and skills. They learn how to connect their interests and abilities to the world of work. 
This webinar was recorded May 11th 2020



MCIS Publications


MCIS Junior Framework (Online Only)

You will find three models to deliver My Career Plan in MCIS Junior. These frameworks will help you lead group guidance and classroom-based career development instruction.

 Also available: MCIS Junior Worksheets


MCIS Junior Workbook

Your guide to the amazing MCIS Junior career planning tool. This workbook walks students through the MCIS Junior website.

Also available: MCIS Junior Worksheets


Montana Career Guide

The Montana Career Guide walks users through the entire career planning process from exploring your interests to interviewing for a job. Includes a section on soft skills and job hunting tips for special populations.


MCIS Site Request-Renewal Form

Renewal / Request form to order MCIS access or any of the optional components for your school or training facility

Also available: MCIS Optional Components

MCIS Administrative Tools Guide (Online Only)

The Site Administration tools provide you with the ability to customize MCIS for users, manage user needs, and run reports to discover how MCIS is best used.

Also available: MCIS Optional Components

MCIS Training Manual (Online Only)

New to MCIS?  Check out the MCIS Training Manual


MCIS Career Plan: Career Development Framework (Online Only)

The MCIS High School Framework helps instructors develop a grade-appropriate curriculum for career development education.

Also available: Framework with worksheets