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Introducing Careers Build a Community

On April 12th, Montana Career Lab released a brand new line of career education resources aimed at early grade school students. Collectively known as "Careers Build a Community," these resources give students some of their earliest exposure to the variety of careers available. Aimed mainly at educators, these new resources include resources for two age groups. 

The" I Can Be…" series of activities are meant for pre-school and kindergarten students. Each career is represented by both a boy and a girl to show that jobs never belong solely to one gender. The activities are also meant to connect subjects students learn in elementary school to real world careers. 

The "Careers Build a Community" series is intended for first through third graders and includes a full set of lesson plans for teachers, a journal for students to record their opinions on different careers, a set of career flash cards featuring occupational facts, and more. 

The video below serves as an introduction.



For free access to all the Careers Build a Community resources, click the "Educators" button on the Montana Career Lab home page, or simply use the following link:
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