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Job-Hunting Tips for Special Populations

Job-hunting is always a challenge, but some groups of job-seekers face additional challenges in finding employment.

The Montana Career Guide covers every stage of career planning, from exploring your work interests to preparing for job interviews, but did you know that it also includes sections for specific populations that may face employment challenges? These sections can be found at the back of the Career Guide, starting on page 41.

For your convenience, we've turned these sections into separate files that can be accessed through the "Career Resources" section of our publications page, or by using the links below:


Job-Hunting Tips for Workers with Disabilities

Job-Hunting Tips for Montana Seniors

Job-Hunting Tips for Workers with Criminal Records


We've also made a separate file from the Soft Skills section. Soft skills are the non-technical skills that all employers look for and which all workers must develop to remain employable.

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