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Step up your Research Game with Data Search

Screencap of homepage showing where to find the data search feature. Image text reads: step up your research game. Use our powerful data search feature to create custom tables.

One of the most robust features on is also one of its most overlooked: the Data Search tool. Located near the bottom of the homepage and appearing to be a basic search tool consisting of two simple selection boxes, the Data Search is actually one of our most useful and complex features. So complex, in fact, that some users may quickly become intimidated by the ever-expanding choices that appear whenever a new selection is made.

But fear not!

We've recently added a set of instructions to help you find the information you need quickly and without a hassle. Simply click the blue "Data Search Instructions" button to the right of the Data Search title. Within these instructions, you'll find out how to find:

  • A list of businesses by geographical area.
  • Employment numbers by occupation or industry.
  • Information on inflation.
  • Projected future job openings by occupation or industry.
  • Information on professional licensing.
  • State and county populations by gender and age.
  • Information on commuting patterns.
  • Number of unemployment insurance claims by region.
  • Wages and income by geographical area.
  • Much more.

Screencap of a page from the data search instructions titled How do I create my list of businesses.

These are just a few of the possible data sets you can find using the data search tool. Not only can you generate reports to view your custom data sets, you'll also be able to download them as an Excel spreadsheet to work with the numbers yourself.

Happy researching!


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