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Introducing Local Area Profiles

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On March 15th, the Montana Department of Labor & Industry launched its new Local Area Profiles page. On it, users can view economic data at the county level, including labor force statistics, employment levels by industry, annual average wages and per capita income, and more. Powered by Tableau 10, the Local Area Profiles generate charts and tables directly from our database so that you always are always seeing the most current information available. The Local Area Profiles page replaces our old county fliers, which took several months to update, only covered a portion of Montana's counties, and were often outdated within half a year. Our new system covers every Montana county and ensures that new information is displayed as soon as it is releasable.


screenshot displaying the local area profiles page


To find county-level information, simply click the "Local Area Profiles" button on the top menu bar.


screenshot illustrating the top menu bar


Then, make sure to select "County" in the "Select coverage" toggle. This allows the counties to be displayed in the "Select Area" box.


screenshot illustrating the select coverage toggle


Please note the left-side scroll bar within the Local Area Profiles screen. This bar is separate from the main page scrollbar and allows you to access additional local area information.

At launch, the Local Area Profile page included the following data sets:

  • Top Private Employers by County
  • County Employment by Industry
  • County Labor Force (including unemployment rates)
  • Annual Average Wages by County
  • Per Capita Personal Income by County
  • Annual Population by Age Group

As we continue to add information and make improvements, we'd love to have your input on features you'd like to see, and ways to make your experience better. Have suggestions? Contact us at

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