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Healthcare Jobs without a Bachelor's Degree

Over the next ten years, healthcare jobs are expected to grow by 770 new jobs per year. As total Montana employment is expected to grow by 5,530 jobs per year, healthcare will contribute to 14% of total expected job growth.[1] Because of the expected growth in healthcare occupations, it is important to have a trained workforce to meet employers’ occupational needs.

Montanans can position themselves to benefit from the growth in healthcare by receiving training in one of the many health care occupations. While there is a common belief that healthcare careers require years of education, this is not necessarily true. In Montana, over 50% of current and projected healthcare jobs require less than a bachelor’s degree. The table below lists the number of new jobs and the 2015 median wage for occupations with the largest projected growth for healthcare jobs requiring less than a bachelor’s degree.


Except for radiologic technologists, all of these jobs pay less than the statewide average of $40,065 in 2015, which is expected as higher education typically correlates with higher wages. However, there are some healthcare occupations that require less than a bachelor’s degree that also pay higher than the statewide average. These occupations and their projected employment are listed below. 


[1] All projections data come from the Montana Department of Labor and Industry 2015 to 2025 Occupational Employment Forecasts

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