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Brew Montana

Did you know that Montana has the 2nd highest number of breweries per capita in the United States?

Or that in just five years, the number of Montana breweries more than doubled?

At this year's Labor Day Report presentation, beer was on everyone's minds. After all, the event was held at the Blackfoot River Brewery. The Montana Department of Labor & Industry joined Governor Steve Bullock to talk about the current state of the Montana economy, and to highlight its challenges and successes. One such success was the creation of a new Master Brewer apprenticeship program that allows aspiring brewers to learn their craft on the job and to earn a state-recognized certificate.

In honor of the event and the growing industry that it highlighted, the Research & Analysis Bureau created the following infographic all about brewing. Enjoy!

Infographic depicting the following information: Montana has the second most breweries per capita in the nation, with 9.6 breweries per ten thousand Montanans over 21 years old in 2017 according to the Montana Brewers Association. Brewery employment makes up 60.8% of all beverage and tobacco product manufacturing in the state, while distilleries make up 10.8%, wineries make up 3.9%, and all other types make up 24.4%. Montana's breweries have more than doubled in the last five years, growing from 29 in 2012 to almost 80 in 2017 according to the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. Food and Beverage manufacturing, which includes breweries, made up the second largest portion of Montana Manufacturing GDP in 2016 according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. In addition to these tangible benefits, breweries can also foster a culture that attracts tourists and new residents, which promotes economic growth across all industries in Montana.

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