Where Does Wage Growth Come From?

An examination of the factors that cause wages to grow in Montana.



Childcare in Montana

This article explores the availability and affordability of childcare in Montana, and how it affects the state’s workforce.



Montana 2018 Labor Day Report in Brief

A summary of this year's Labor Day Report, a report to the governor on the current state of Montana's economy.



Employing the Future

A quick look at the latest Montana Employment Projections.





A Rising Tide: Who Experienced Wage Growth in Montana?

Does Montana's recent wage growth extend to workers in all income brackets?

Is it Time for a Raise?

Understanding Montana's Wage Growth since the Great Recession



It's Never Too Early to Learn About Careers

Career education should begin well before middle school. Montana Career Lab has the resources to help.



Montana's Outdoor Economy

While economists are still perfecting how to measure the benefits of outdoor recreation in Montana, it is already obvious that it provides large benefits to the state.




Montana's Entrepreneurs

Because local entrepreneurs are so significant to our economy, it is important to have a better understanding of business start-ups in Montana.

Montana Employment Growth Outpaces the Nation

Which of Montana's industries are outperforming the nation in employment growth?




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