Net Migration’s Contribution to Montana’s Economic Stability

This article explores the patterns of migration into the state to better understand why people move to Montana, what labor needs these workers satisfy, and where most migration occurs.



Survival Rates for Montana’s New Business Startups

This article examines startup and survival rates for new businesses in Montana by industry and business size to identify the impacts of the most recent recession on new business outcomes.



Earning their Lessons: A Look at Youth Employment in Montana

The U.S. labor force participation rate for teenagers has been in a decline for over 30 years, with now only about one-third of teens employed or looking for work. What are the economic implications for Montana? Find out in this month’s featured article.



Montana Reservation Labor Markets

This article summarizes data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the American Indian population and reservations in Montana to provide a more complete picture of this population and the unique labor markets on the reservations.



Montana Labor Day Report: A Summary

The Labor Day Report reviews the performance of Montana's economy over the past year within the larger context of the historic and projected future performance of the economy. This article provides some highlights from the 2014 Labor Day Report, which was presented to the governor on August 29, 2014.



What is Montana's Most Important Industry?

The answer depends on how you measure the economy. This article examines the various ways to measure economic contribution to determine the relative sizes of Montana’s industries.



Understanding Wage Growth in Montana

Most of the wage growth in Montana has been driven by wage growth in the private sector, specifically in the business services, mining and utilities, and financial activities industries.



The Growth of Associate's Degrees in Montana

Job losses in declining industries spur workers to seek employment in high-demand occupations, often in fields that require them to seek additional education and training.



Predicting Future Employment: Montana Job Projections and the Science of Better Planning

Every year, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry produces employment forecasts for job growth in upcoming years.



Montana's Diverse Economies: A Regional Labor Market Analysis

Montana’s unemployment rate has been on the decline over the past few years, signaling stronger job growth throughout the state. Since 2001, Montana’s unemployment rate has been below the U.S. unemployment rate, even during the most recent recession.




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