Montana Career Guide

The Montana Career Guide walks users through the entire career planning process from exploring your interests to interviewing for a job. Includes a section on soft skills and job hunting tips for special populations.


Soft Skills Checklist (Online Only)

Take inventory of your "Soft Skills," the non-technical skills all workers must have to remain employable. Excerpted from the Montana Career Guide.



Job Interview Tips

A printable one-page guide to successful job interviewing.



GPS For Your Life

Not sure of your career destination? Don't leave it to chance, find your way in MCIS. This brochure gives a broad overview of key career planning features in MCIS.


Mock Job Interview Activity (Online Only)

Instructions and resources for conducting a fun mock job interview activity. A great resource for teachers and guidance counselors.



Pocket Resume (Online Only)

A handy resource to help organize your career information. Take it with you when you collect job applications or go to interviews.




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