MCIS Junior Framework (Online Only)

You will find three models to deliver My Career Plan in MCIS Junior. These frameworks will help you lead group guidance and classroom-based career development instruction.

 Also available: MCIS Junior Worksheets


Careers Build a Community - Lesson Plans (Online Only)

For 1st-3rd grade teachers, the CBaC Lesson Plan lays out a series of fun, hands-on activities that expose students to a variety of careers. Includes classroom activities, materials lists, independent learning center activities, journal prompts, and ideas for using all the CBaC resources. 

Also available: CBaC Student Journal
CBaC Flash Cards
CBaC Cut-Outs


Career Heroes: A Career Awareness Workbook

This workbook for 3rd and 4th graders introduces students to a variety of careers with fun activities on every page.

Also available: Career Heroes Teacher Guide
Career Heroes Trading Cards

It's Never Too Early to Learn About Careers

Career education should begin well before middle school. Montana Career Lab has the resources to help.



Montana Career Guide

The Montana Career Guide walks users through the entire career planning process from exploring your interests to interviewing for a job. Includes a section on soft skills and job hunting tips for special populations.


MCIS Administrative Tools Guide (Online Only)

The Site Administration tools provide you with the ability to customize MCIS for users, manage user needs, and run reports to discover how MCIS is best used.

Also available: MCIS Optional Components

Soft Skills Checklist (Online Only)

Take inventory of your "Soft Skills," the non-technical skills all workers must have to remain employable. Excerpted from the Montana Career Guide.



Montana Career Resource Newsletter May 2016

Our quarterly newsletter details everything that's new in MCIS. Plus upcoming events.



Jacob and Emily Skip School Teachers Guide

This Teacher's Guide includes supplemental classroom activities to reinforce lessons from the workbook. Also includes state educational standards crosswalk.



MCIS Advisor Accounts Guide

Advisor Accounts allow people to view MCIS client portfolios at different locations.




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