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MCIS360 Career Plan Jr and Hs Editor
June 2022
Career Plans allow states and sites to create customizable paths through MCIS360. Plans contain a combination of Custom Activities, Components, and Self-Surveys. They can be grade or theme specific, track user progress, and can be set up as cumulative over multiple grades to adapt as users continue their personal and career development.
MCIS 360 Junior Framework
June 2022
This publication is for teachers, counselors, and parents.  This guide provides you with a framework to deliver the Career Plan elements of MCIS 360 Junior. You will find letters to teachers that explain the goal of career development in the classroom and introduce MCIS 360 Junior, activity description for the MCIS 360 Junior Base Career Plan, and a letter for students.

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MCIS Junior 5th - 8th Grade
Scholarship Research and Financial Aid Sorting
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MCIS Publications

Montana Career Guide
May 2021
The Montana Career Guide walks users through the entire career planning process from exploring your interests to interviewing for a job. Includes a section on soft skills and job hunting tips for special populations.
MCIS Career Plan:Career Development Framework
April 2021

The MCIS High School Framework helps instructors develop a grade-appropriate curriculum for career development education.

Also available:Framework with worksheets

MCIS Administrative Tools Guide (Online Only)
April 2021
The Site Administration tools provide you with the ability to customize MCIS for users, manage user needs, and run reports to discover how MCIS is best used.
MCIS Training Manual (Online Only)
April 2021
New to MCIS?  Check out the MCIS Training Manual
MCIS Jr Framework Book
March 2021
This publication is for teachers, counselors, and parents.  You will find three models to deliver My Career Plan in MCIS Junior to your students. These frameworks will help you lead group guidance and classroom-based career development instruction.
MCIS Jr Workbook
March 2021

Also available:Your guide to the amazing MCIS Junior career planning tool. This workbook walks students through the MCIS Junior website.

Also available: MCIS Junior Worksheets
MCIS Optional Components
March 2021
MCIS Optional Components available for a fee.

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