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Grade School Resources

Grade School Resources

Careers Build a Community - Cut Outs
March 2021
The Community Helper Cut-outs in this publication are meant to be used with the Careers Build a Community Lesson Plans for use in the Community Day event.
Careers Build a Community - Flash Cards
March 2021
Careers Build a Community Flash Cards is where students can learn more about the occupations. The characters can also be used as popsicle stick puppets.
Jacob and Emily Workbook
March 2021
This publication introduces the concept of career clusters by telling the story of a set of twins who spend the day learning about careers. Designed for 5th and 6th Grade.

Also available: Jacob & Emily Teacher's Guide

Career Peeks: A Career Awareness Activity Book
March 2021
A fun activity book for 1st and 2nd graders. Career Peeks gives kids their first glimpse into the world of careers.

Also available: Career Peeks Alphabet Practice Pages

I Can Be... Series
March 2021
The I Can Be….. series of activities shows pre-school and kindergarten students the connection between the subjects they learn in school to real world careers.

Also available: I Can Be Teacher Instructions

Careers Build a Community - Student Journal
March 2021
Careers Build a Community Student Journal is where students can record if they like or don't like the occupation and answer some questions about the occupation and the community.
Career Heroes: A Career Awareness Workbook
March 2021
This workbook for 3rd and 4th graders introduces students to a variety of careers with fun activities on every page.

Also available:  Career Heroes Teacher Guide
Career Heroes Trading Cards

Alphabet Trading Cards
March 2021
Alphabet Trading Cards are designed for preschool and kindergarten students. These cards will get your children talking about different occupations while learning their letters.

Also available: Alphabet Writing Worksheets A-Z

Middle School Resources

What to Pack
March 2021

This guide helps Middle Schoolers explore their own interests and aptitudes, and see how they relate to different career fields. Budgeting exercises show them how far their money will go in the real world.

Also available: What to Pack Crosswalk

High School and Adult Resources

Montana Career Guide
May 2021
The Montana Career Guide walks users through the entire career planning process from exploring your interests to interviewing for a job. Includes a section on soft skills and job hunting tips for special populations.
Soft Skills Checklist
March 2021
Take inventory of your "Soft Skills," the non-technical skills all workers must have to remain employable. Excerpted from the Montana Career Guide.
Mock Job Interview Activity
March 2021
Instructions and resources for conducting a fun mock job interview activity. A great resource for teachers and guidance counselors.
Pocket Resume
March 2021
A handy resource to help organize your career information. Take it with you when you collect job applications or go to interviews.
Montana Career Lab - Student Flier
March 2021
Find out how to build your future self using resources from Montana Career Lab!

Other Resources

Career Planner
August 2023

Montana Personalized Career Plan Guideline

The Montana Personalized Career Plan is designed to help educators and administrators incorporate career development into their K-12 curriculum.  This career development plan considers the whole child’s needs and includes the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) CTE standards. This plan will ensure that every student is familiar with the world of work and knows where to find the career information they need to make informed choices.The end goal is to ensure every Montana student graduates career and college ready.

American Indian College Fund
January 2023

These publications are provided by American Indian College Fund.

Native Pathways Guidebook
Native Career Guidebook